Walking Tourism Study

It is estimated that walking trails and supporting services are generating €14 million for the local economy of West Cork’s West Coast. However, some relatively modest investment could increase the value of walking tourism to West Cork by nearly €8 million to €22 million a new study has revealed.

The West Cork Development Partnership has recently completed a comprehensive strategic assessment and appraisal of the economic opportunities for the development of Walking Tourism in West Cork. The study seeks as its principal aim, to devise an economic vision, strategy and roadmap that will assist local stakeholders in maximising local economic benefit from sustainable economic activities derived from and associated with walking tourism. The study also presents newly collated data on the current direct economic value (revenues and employment) directly generated by walking tourism in the West Cork region.

The full study is available as a free download here…

  1. 2012 Walking Study – Exec Summary
  2. 2012 Walking Study -Stage A
  3. 2012 Walking Study -Stage B
  4. 2012 Walking Study -Economic Impact

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