Village Enhancement

People in West Cork rightly take tremendous pride in their towns and villages and as a region we are very active and successful in the annual Tidy Towns competition. Pride of place can be a strong uniting factor bringing people together and creating the capacity for tackling a range of challenges facing local communities.

Villages and small towns are the focal point for a significant section of the rural community and as such are a priority for development. The focus for improvement will extend to the enhancement of villages, small towns and the surrounding countryside. Actions will be aimed at enhancing the environmental, amenity and surface structural aspects of these communities and as such will have complementarity with other elements of the programme, particularly tourism and conservation of the local heritage. All actions under this measure involving public areas must be agreed with the relevant local authority.

Amounts awarded

For capital and other projects promoted by community groups or private individuals, 75% to a maximum grant of up to €150,000 (with the exception of Analysis and Development which is 90% to a max of €30,000) . In exceptional circumstances, and subject to the prior written approval of the Department, grant aid up to €200,000 may be awarded to projects.


1. Cadogan’s Strand, Schull – Amenity Enhancement
2. Captain Francis O’Neill Amenity
3. Horse & Rider Village Entrance Sculpture, Innishannon