Here you will find a collection of publications and documents that you may find useful for research purposes, for further information on programmes delivered by the WCDP or to help you in your application for LEADER funding.

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In order to help you in your Application to WCDP for LEADER funding you will find many of the supporting documents required in the Applying to WCDP menu.

Under Economy you will find a collection of studies and reports that address Economic and Community Development in West Cork and more generally in relation to Rural Development. While the WCDP may be most known as a funding body, we conduct regular research on a variety of issues that effect the development of the West Cork economy and community.

All feasibility studies that are funded by the WCDP are made available to the public. In the Feasibility Studies menu you will find studies for new business developments, community projects, heritage conservation projects and environmental impact studies. Some are studies initiated directly by the WCDP and others from businesses and community groups in West Cork.