Community Facilities

Quality of life issues including the availability of services and living conditions significantly influence the extent to which people are willing to return or re-locate to rural areas to live and work. While key service provision is properly addressed through integrated actions by mainstream government services, certain quality of life initiatives specifically targeted towards rural communities can be addressed under this measure. Such initiatives must demonstrate complementarity with, and avoid duplication of, broader service provision as articulated in the specific chapter on the rural economy in the National Development Plan 2007-2013. In this context lack of adequate cultural and leisure facilities in some rural communities is a significant impediment to their further development.

Programme Objective

To identify and provide appropriate cultural and leisure facilities to local communities, not otherwise available to them.

Funding Policy

West Cork Development Partnership has a defined funding policy for this measure, which you can read here.


1. West Cork Drama Festival, St. Mary’s Theatre, Rossmore
2. Clonakilty Allotments
3. Ballinacarriga Lisbealad Community Centre

Eligible activities

For capital and other projects promoted by community groups or private individuals, 75% to a maximum grant of up to €150,000 (with the exception of Analysis and Development which is 90% to a max of €30,000) . In exceptional circumstances, and subject to the prior written approval of the Department, grant aid up to €200,000 may be awarded to projects.

Initiatives will broadly address the provision of:

  • Amenity and leisure facilities
  • Support for cultural activities
  • Certain arts facilities
  • General community and recreational infrastructure
  • Innovative activities in local communities such as social and information networks etc.
  • All assessments and actions should be carried out in consultation and agreement with the appropriate local authorities. Any equipment, activities or infrastructure provided must be available and accessible to all age and social groups in the community concerned.

Support for the development of youth cafés in remote rural areas is permitted.

Ineligible activities

Mainstream activities of sports organisations and bodies are excluded from support under this measure.